How many tablecloths have you watched yellowing over the years and how often have you envied the perfect white in the laundry ads?

Well, stop worrying and enjoy whites that are as candid and bright as when you bought them.

Laundry professionals for over 60 years, the Rampi Laboratories have created WhiTex: the first, unique and exclusive line for cleaning, sanitizing and reviving white and light-coloured garments.

At the laundry… and at home!

Although WhiTex  is conceived for professional laundries, you can try its exceptional powers at home



To keep and restore white and light-coloured garments to their original brightness synergy between products is essential: detergents and highly concentrated boosters, specially studied to clean fibres deep down, reviving and restoring them to their original brightness without causing damage. All products share the same fragrance, to ensure a uniform and pleasing bouquet.

WhiTex doesn’t stop here! To bring you the best we have conceived two exciting new products to provide even more comprehensive care for your clothes and, in addition, the delightful smell of fresh laundry


The Whitex line is available at selected laundries: fill in the form to find the one nearest to you